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TO MUSTER, mar. law. By this term is understood to collect together and exhibit soldiers and their arms; it also signifies to employ recruits and put their names down in a book to enroll them.

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21st 1796 a Foul but not much rain a Attended Regiment Muster at Northborough in capacity of private soldier in the calvary under Capt.
In the event of a muster, personnel simply present themselves at the muster point, their unique tag is automatically read and their name appears.
More worryingly, Muster won just three games in his last outing against Gianluca Naso and all of his defeats have come on clay, a surface which always suited him far better than the pacy indoor courts of Vienna.
Cathy Roberts, Mersey Pirate Muster co-founder and organiser with Paul Miller, said: "This will be Liverpool's most pirate-y event ever.
Members will be considered in an active duty status and subject to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice during the period of time you are at muster.
Wang X, Li M, Zheng H, Muster T, Palese P, Beg AA, et al.
Muster rolls - lists of payments to the crew on board - belonging to the French vessels Scipion, Duguay-Trouin and Formidable were also discovered.
With the AJCP Reel Number and Piece Number the unit muster rolls and pay lists can be examined.
net, notes, that would effectively require shareholders to form broad, unwieldy coalitions just to muster a nominating quorum, because even the largest institutional investor rarely owns 3 percent.
The administration that mustered American troops and an international coalition to go halfway around the world to Iraq couldn't even muster enough courage to vote against a two-bit thug 90 miles from our shore?
Boese also details a recent scientific fraud, in which a fossil found in China passed muster, among some scientists, as the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.
McCutcheon nursed all the power that his craft could muster, its rotor blades just nine feet from the hillside on which Galer was located.