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The enemy, which had long been carrying on a sort of border warfare, and trying his strength against Benjy's on the battlefield of his hands and legs, now, mustering all his forces, began laying siege to the citadel, and overrunning the whole country.
the ordering out of the Guards and the line to Belgium, and the mustering of the allied armies in that country under the command of his Grace the Duke of Wellington--such a dignified circumstance as that, I say, was entitled to the pas over all minor occurrences whereof this history is composed mainly, and hence a little trifling disarrangement and disorder was excusable and becoming.
Moreover, most of them were so weakened that hardly anything could be done without every- body that could totter mustering on the braces.
The mustering of the borderers on the following morning was silent, sullen, and gloomy.
Kit was on the point of mustering courage to ask Barbara's mother about Barbara, when the turnkey who had conducted him, reappeared, a second turnkey appeared behind his visitors, and the third turnkey with the newspaper cried 'Time's up
Mustering, or accounting for individuals in time of emergency, lockdown or evacuation has conventionally required a manual roll call process or a hard-wired access control panel to help account for individuals, enabling them to use access cards to 'report' their location.
Passengers and crew aboard the extraordinary new vessel will take comfort in knowing that the remarkable vessel is protected by SISCO's most comprehensive, effective system for mustering and identification.
Patna, June 19 ( ANI ): With the Janata Dal (United) mustering for passage of a trust vote, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs walked out of the Bihar Assembly on Wednesday after condemning Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of betraying the NDA's mandate.
S3 ID, working with the unique Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) solutions from Ubisense, works with organisations that have personnel working in hazardous environments to provide real-time personnel location awareness, mustering and access control of safety and security solutions.