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The good news out of Boulevard Brewing is that plans are in place to expand distribution of its limited-edition Smokestack Series, which features beers such as its appetizingly dry, modestly funky Saison-Brett, which has a distant barnyard mustiness but in a good way.
There is a guest appearance from Martine McCutcheon this week, just one in a long line of mainstream stars aimed, presumably, at shaking off some of the show's perceived mustiness.
The physical presentation of the store manages the difficult task of playing up the company's longevity and heritage, while offering enough contemporary notes to banish any mustiness from the atmosphere.
Now, mustiness has been dusted away and everything is looking spick and span, like the inside of Anthea Turner's cupboards.
This large-scale four-movement work has elements of Debussyan sensuality about it, and never reeks of the mustiness of the organ-loft.
Think desert, think shadow, think Yves Klein blue, think film, think pebbles, streaked concrete, squidgy surface, Japanese punctured metal, think mustiness, windiness, warmth, stuff, stuff, stuff.
It's a perfect time to get rid of winter mustiness, eliminate clutter, and to prepare your home for the new season.
A visit to the Neue Galerie usually feels like time travel, as we find ourselves taking pleasure in the artifacts of the Secessionist movement; an unerringly tasteful mustiness prevails.
16); it lies in our willingness to open the windows and air out the permeating mustiness of nostalgia.
Kenneth Richardson's attempts to bring the play into the 21st century merely accentuate its mustiness.
The decor imparts a traditional if scaled-down 'palace' grandeur but there's no mustiness here, thank you; the marble is as gleaming as the new big flat-screened TVs in rooms that are even equipped with terry cloth robes and slippers.
The blend of pineapply-tangerine flavours with a slight overlay of mustiness sweetened my mood and helped to put a positive gloss on my companion's last idea.