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data are not shown) Responders in self-assessment rarely declared incidence in their rooms: stains on the walls and ceiling, moulds, water stains mustiness.
How can a Kindle title replicate the experience of sniffing the fresh pages of a new novel or the magic mustiness which hits you in a Hay-on-Wye bookshop?
In Many cases psychic mustiness, the major agent is fragile X chromosome in parent or the nearest illness family.
Some samples showed good liquoring qualities, while others produced a cup with off-flavors as mustiness, sourness or bitterness, and suppressing any desirable natural acidity.
When Austen reappeared on the scene later in the thaws of the 1950s and 1960s, reception was mixed: Socialist critics panned her triviality and old-fashioned mustiness, dismissing her as a simple writer of love stories.
Hail Al Ghaf, fortunately, has had electricity restored but the slow whirring fans dona€™t make much of a difference to the mustiness and damp that pervade Badriyaa€™s home, a set of rooms that have obviously grown organically is anchored by a central courtyard where she shows us the mark against the wall where the water rose a€" about four feet high from already risen ground.
Hopefully McDonalds would take away that God-awful feeling of stone-cold mustiness that still lingered on my lips.
Breaking through any period-piece mustiness with piercing insight into the emotions and behavior of her characters, the writer-director examines the final years in the short life of 19th-century romantic poet John Keats through the eyes of his beloved, Fanny Brawne, played by Abbie Cornish in an outstanding performance.
Proving that beet can be complex and take on a range of flavors, our beer expert recommends brews that exhibit everything from a distant but pleasurable barnyard mustiness to a finish that resembles Cava.
Hobbies have gone the way of scouting, service organizations, and families gathering around the piano to sing; they have acquired cultural mustiness and lost their appeal.
And the irony of its title, "Museum Concert" suggests the mustiness of the past, the dilettantism of Mrs.