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The suit destined to grace his approaching nuptials being now selected, he replaced the others with no less care than he had displayed in drawing them from the musty nooks where they had silently reposed for many years.
Its wool alone gives a resemblance to the sheep; it is more properly of the flesh is said to have a musty flavor; some have thought the fleece might be valuable, as it is said to be as fine as that of the goat Cashmere, but it is not to be procured in sufficient quantities.
At any rate, musty parchments and title-deeds there were none on the island; and I am half inclined to believe that its inhabitants hold their broad valleys in fee simple from Nature herself; to have and to hold, so long as grass grows and water runs; or until their French visitors, by a summary mode of conveyancing, shall appropriate them to their own benefit and behoof.
Here the counsel in his wig and gown, and here the old Jew clothes-man under his dingy tiara; here the soldier in his scarlet, and here the undertaker's mute in streaming hat-band and worn cotton gloves; here the musty scholar fumbling his faded leaves, and here the scented actor dangling his showy seals.
Carey's only passion, and he never went into Tercanbury without spending an hour or two in the second-hand shop; he always brought back four or five musty volumes.
Nobody wants to be surprised by musty linens and smelly toys when its time for summer fun next year
Eldest child Andrea (Shanley Caswell) sulks about relocating to the middle of nowhere while sisters Christine (Joey King), Nancy (Haley McFarland), Cindy (Mackenzie Foy) and April (Kyla Deaver) excitedly run from musty room to musty room.
As older people tend to be less thirsty, it results in them being dehydrated and shedding dry skin, cells of which can carry a musty smell.
ours, and sheets I slipped into were musty winding cloths for a mummy.
We're not calling it 'the 85th annual Academy Awards,' which keeps it mired somewhat in a musty way.
MINOR musty carpets smell - Water damage on carpets can cause a musty smell.
Richard Musty said, "Bobby brings a wealth of experience to our corporate banking sector and a solid knowledge of the business, having worked for Lloyds TSB in the UK and Middle East.