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In each poem the speaker's travels reflect Browning's views on the mutability of thought and on the narrative complexities of the dramatic monologue.
By illustrating a widespread cultural phenomenon often relegated to a secondary role, Cornish throws light on the complexity and mutability of the medieval cultural scenario.
This omission is unfortunate, given the obvious problems that result when God's suffering, responsiveness, and mutability are confused.
Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, who chaired the Medal's judging panel, said: "Jo Shapcott won the Costa Book of the Year Award in 2010 for her collection, Of Mutability, but the award of the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry is the true crowning of her career.
Kim and Ahn examined the mutability and causal centrality of features in order to measure psychologists' conceptions.
This monograph is an odyssey of mathematical metamorphosis and mutability.
Issues referenced in their work include ideas about identity, the mutability of history, the effects of consumerism, a re-thinking of aspects of art history, and the distorting structures of fame.
Chapter 7 turns resolutely to the Irish context, with a consideration of the Mutability Cantos in terms of the legal difficulties of effecting sovereignty in Ireland.
The WAI consists of six essentially orthogonal scales measuring metaphysics, locus of responsibility, agency, relationship to group, relationship to authority, and mutability in 54 Likert-type questions.
Recent deals James has advised on include GMAC Insurance on its [pounds sterling]170m acquisition of Provident Insurance; Mutability Operations on its [pounds sterling]1.
loss, of mutability and mortality, and the end of conscious thought in
Fascinated with the mutability of human relationships, Anderson has a talent for marrying comedy and tragedy to stunning effect in his portraits of eccentric geniuses and dysfunctional families.