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But the flulike illnesses usually don't mutate much from year to year, so the body can build up better immunity, he said.
According to Sasisekharan, this knowledge could help scientists produce vaccines that do not include versions of the flu that can mutate and so lead to "fitter" viruses.
It mutates a lot, but it can't mutate to where it stops functioning.
Our study gives vital clues about what kinds of changes would be needed in order for them to mutate and infect humans, potentially helping us to identify which viruses could lead to a pandemic.
A dietary deficiency in an essential trace mineral may cause a usually harmless strain of the flu to mutate into a virulent pathogen.
One of the major reasons why we decided to invest in Tenebril is their patent-pending technology that can defeat the most menacing spyware -- including programs that mutate constantly -- rather than taking the traditional, anti-virus-like approach to the problem.
Because of their remarkable powers of genetic adaptation, bacteria have been able to mutate and become resistant to every antibiotic currently in use," stated Dr.
Cancer mutates rapidly, and the changes probably would have arisen regardless of treatment.