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According to Sasisekharan, this knowledge could help scientists produce vaccines that do not include versions of the flu that can mutate and so lead to "fitter" viruses.
A 40-year-old woman in Vietnam is suffering from the most deadly form of the virus which doctors fear could mutate into a more contagious version.
According to him, the key to fighting spam and HIV is the same - find the part that absolutely can't mutate - what he calls the Achilles' heel - and attack there.
But the virus would have to mutate into a new form to cause mass casualties.
Scientists, however, believe it's only a matter of time before it mutates into a strain that can spread between humans.
Chinese researchers also sequenced the SARS virus and found that some samples differ considerably from those decoded in North America, which suggests that the virus mutates rapidly.
A cell that mutates on an upper layer can form a bump that pushes altered cells down to the lowest layer, where they become "immortalized" as stem cells, says Portier, who adds that he believes "stem cells are at the root of cancer.
Tenebril uses patent-pending profiling technology that is unique in its ability to proactively attack spyware even as it mutates.
To get around HLA-B*5703, the virus mutates three amino acids that T cells need to recognize the infected cells, causing the killers to pass by the infected cell unnoticed.