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The new discovery means a vaccine could be made quickly, in large quantities and be specifically tailored to stop the virus mutating, which would save A[degrees]millions of lives around the world.
is part of an unseen microbial world that is constantly mutating, adapting and attacking birds, animals, and people," intoned Michael Leavitt, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, during an October 27 National Press Club speech.
The virus showed little sign of mutating to escape the infused CTLs, Riddell says.
We have an adversarial situation going on between spam filters trying to block the spam and the spammers changing and mutating," the Age quoted him as saying.
He says such a vaccine could be developed within three weeks of the virus mutating, with a mass inoculation programme beginning soon after.
Succulent plants are famous for mutating, and aptenia is a succulent.
Wise and her colleagues manipulated this pathway by mutating the gene for DmpR and adding to the bacteria a reporter gene that any DmpR-phenol complex could activate.
Thus by mutating, the virus becomes invisible to the immune system.