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In 2005, 62 percent of mutating IM threats targeted the MSN network via Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger, 25 percent targeted AOL, and eight percent targeted the Yahoo
SpyCatcher 2006 and SpyCatcher Express shield PCs from next-generation, mutating spyware, actively detecting known and unknown spyware, and enable even novice users to remove the most aggressive spyware safely.
In contrast, by deliberately mutating the gene encoding the protease at a pre-selected point, Craik disabled a different part of the enzyme, the site directly involved in cleaving proteins.
Fortunately, a number of natural substances have the ability to keep cancer cells from mutating, while leaving healthy cells alone.
London, Dec 21 (ANI): Scientists led by one of Indian-origin have discovered a super vaccine that stops the flu virus mutating into more lethal and drug-resistant strains, saving millions of lives.
Steinberger could effectively demolish Lyndell Brown's arguments by giving the better example of one species mutating into another species, like a fish or dog turning into another kind of animal with examples of transitional life forms in between .
The Department of Health believe the jag could prevent the bird flu virus mutating inside someone already suffering from human flu.
Though the H5N1 virus, better known as Avian Influenza or the bird flu, is a tangible reality and a potential threat, conjuring the prospect of the disease mutating into a planet-menacing pandemic involves a considerable amount of imagination.
Unlike an earlier film such as Line Describing a Cone, the mutating form is complex and irregular, and as a result, the process of watching, of remembering what has occurred, and of anticipating what may happen, is, if not thwarted, at least challenged.