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Humanistic counseling strives for the cocreation of a relationship between counselor and client that has specific qualities that engender the partnership to be mutative in the client's experiential world.
Note that mutative changes are not included within the scope of this paper but will be addressed in future work.
No less nuanced and slippery are Hemingway's ambiguous focalization and mutative style.
The seeking mode involves the procedure of various steps such as initializing the candidates from solution set, determining the mutative ration, calculating fitness value (FS) and constructing the newly solution set.
We do not propose that supervision alone should have a mutative effect, but we believe that the work flows better when the supervising professor can establish an emotional environment conducive to the development of the students' experiences faced with the care of their patients.
We deliberately chose eight difficult categories, and the background category, preferring those challenging categories of images taken under extreme light, point of view and mutative poses.
The reality in diasporic fiction, therefore, is not static: in Salman Rushdie, it is mutative and self-reflexive, it contrasts and contradicts, it is paradoxical and often confounding, intermingled with fantasy and magic realism.
The discovery of the mutative actions of these processes provides essential clues to the formation of gastric cancers, paving the way for diagnostics and targeted therapy.
Thus, a food/feed relation lingers on as a minor non-productive mutative (i.
In The Social Conquest of Earth, Wilson, whose expertise is in biodiversity and myrmecology (the study of ants), charts the unfolding of the human evolutionary biological paradigm, explaining how humankind, and separately, certain invertebrates like wasps, were predisposed to develop highly organized society by certain mutative or transitional events of natural selection, which themselves created new, unique paradigms--new, unforeseen possibilities for development and cognitive sophistication.
max] is the maximum fitness value; f is the fitness value of mutative individual; t is the iterative generation; [P.