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Cutting, tearing, erasing, or otherwise changing a document in a way that changes or destroys its legal effect. It is a federal crime to mutilate public records, coins, or passports.

In Criminal Law, the crime of violently, maliciously, and intentionally giving someone a serious permanent wound.

MUTILATION, crim. law. The depriving a man of the use of any of those limbs, which may be useful to him in fight, the loss of which amounts to mayhem. 1 Bl. Com. 130.

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Taping the opinion of the respondents on why Sudanese families still genitally mutilate their daughters, the answers were about the same as those gathered from previous quantitative researches and surveys.
They also said a weapon, believed to be a sharp knife, which they think was used to mutilate his body,had also not been discovered.
Other researchers have blamed the deformities on widespread environmental contaminants, parasites, or even predators that mutilate frogs.