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When the natives saw that the white men were not attacked they, too, crowded into the interior, their voices hushed with terror as they looked upon the mutilated corpse of their comrade.
mutilated sardine cans, attesting the presence of the tourist and his
Years ago four dead bodies of white men, scalped and shamefully mutilated, were found about the mouth of that cave.
After careful examination, he declared that the mutilated portions of sentences submitted to him had been written, beyond all doubt, by Eustace Macallan's first wife!
Then, as others have mutilated its sense, the tramp mutilates its form, and ho-boy becomes exultantly hobo.
Oblonsky and Vronsky had both seen the mutilated corpse.
The broken figures supporting the burden of the chimney-piece, though mutilated, were still distinguishable for what they had been--far different from the dust without--and showed sadly by the empty hearth, like creatures who had outlived their kind, and mourned their own too slow decay.
Treasury's decision to temporarily suspend the mutilated coin program is welcome news for Wealthy Max and for all legitimate vendors," said Geyer.
Deir Ezzor, SANA -- Terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) murdered three civilians in al-Quriya village in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province and mutilated their bodies.
A mutilated dead body of a woman found in a flat of North Nazimabad who has been identified as Shazia.
ANIMAL welfare experts have rescued six puppies who cruelly had their tails mutilated to 'look better'.
However, he said that in some regions, thieves are known to force a victim to unlock a secured device, and in some extreme cases have also mutilated victims in order to steal their fingerprint.