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Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor rejected Indian claims of mutilating the bodies of soldiers from the neighbouring country.
The spokesperson said said Pakistan Army did not commit any ceasefire violation on LoC as alleged by India and New Delhi's blame of mutilating Indian soldiers is also false.
The sorry story of Middle Eastern religions concerning women, most notably in the Bible and the Koran; the witchhunts sanctioned by the church; the subjugation of women; the doctrine of Original Sin; the dismal view of children; the religious and secular wars of humankind, in which the psychology of war has predominated in the making of peace - all of this and much else testifies to the inescapable fact that, compared to women and children, men have played a mutilating role, very much in the psychological as well as the physical sense.
He was charged with mutilating the animals, whose carcasses were discovered dumped in a lane.
Tomoko Kaneda, 23, was arrested on suspicion of mutilating and abandoning the body of Yoshiko Nagata, 23.
We have jails full of people who started out mutilating animals and ended up killing people,'' Holden said.
SICK sadists are getting kicks from mutilating and torturing animals in Limerick.
RAWALPINDI -- Pakistan Army has rejected allegations of killing two Indian soldiers and mutilating their bodies at Line of Control during Monday, according to ISPR.
Indian blame of mutilating Indian soldiers' bodies are also false,' said the statement.
Someone is murdering and mutilating Negro prostitutes.
But last year the victim, who was mutilating herself by pinching her arms and legs, finally revealed the terrible secret to her worried boyfriend.