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These are important components of the new standards that readers should have been informed about in the event that they wanted, like many others have, to write to the USDA and demand that the "organic" label not stand for factory farms or animal mutilations.
That is why to be born into the human family is to be in danger of suffering the usual mental and sometimes physical mutilations to which children are made to submit.
However, these mutations of the body are more idealizations than mutilations, more along the lines of those practiced by Polyclitus than by Jeffrey Dahmer.
In a society full of accepted mutilations, a distinction between accepted body adornments and psychotic mutilations can become blurred.
Tattoo'' has the same buddy-cop dynamic as the David Fincher film and, likewise, is preoccupied with beautiful lighting, rain machines and grotesque mutilations.
Type IV mutilations involve any type of vaginal scarring, piercing, or nicking that causes the vagina to close.
In Black Star, an iconic severed foot, which eerily recalls mutilations suffered by natives at the hands of Spanish conquerors, is overlaid with lines of poetry that discuss the idea of "wholeness" as an "index that you have everything.
SPCA officials said it's too early to tell what the discovery means, but they suspect the mutilations may have ritual or satanic overtones based on some of the clues at the scene.
One civil society organization--the Commission for the Abolition of Sexual Mutilations (CAMS)--has been particularly involved in the prosecution of FGM in France.
Khartoum ,13 Fev (SUNA) - L'Association africaine pour la lutte contre les coutumes et pratiques nuisibles a organise un forum, en cooperation avec l'Organisation( Plan Sudan) sur la resolution de l'Assemblee de l'Organisation des Nations Unies a propos de l'intensification de l'effort mondial pour eradiquer les mutilations genitales feminines avec la participation d'un certain nombre d'acteurs concernes et des organisations de la societe civile.
A DECADE of clinical animal mutilations in Wales is being investigation by pathologists who suspect aliens may be to blame.
APFU founder Phil Hoyle, 53, reported seeing two bright red spheres speeding along the valley floor and claimed many farmers subsequently discovered mysterious mutilations on their sheep.