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A rising against lawful or constituted authority, particularly in the naval or Armed Services.

In the context of Criminal Law, mutiny refers to an insurrection of soldiers or crew members against the authority of their commanders. The offense is similar to the crime of Sedition, which is a revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, punishable by both state and federal laws.


noun defiance, disloyalty, disobedience, insurgence, insurgency, insurrection, motus, opposition, oppugnancy, outbreak, rebellion, refusal to comply, resistance, revolt, revolution, seditio, sedition, subversion, treason, upheaval, uprising
See also: defect, defiance, defy, desertion, disloyalty, disobey, infidelity, insurrection, outbreak, rebel, rebellion, resistance, revolt, secede, sedition, treason

MUTINY, crimes. The unlawful resistance of a superior officer, or the raising of commotions and disturbances on board of a ship against the authority of its commander, or in the army in opposition to the authority of the officers; a sedition; (q.v.) a revolt. (q.v.)
     2. By the act for establishing rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States, it is enacted as follows: Article 7. Any officer or soldier, who shall begin, excite, or cause, or join in, any mutiny or sedition in any troop or company in the service of the United States, or in any party, post, detachment or guard, shall suffer death, or such other punishment as by a court martial shall be inflicted. Article 8. Any officer, non-commissioned officer, or soldier, who being present at any mutiny or sedition, does not use his utmost endeavors to suppress the same, or coming to the knowledge of any intended mutiny, does not without delay give information thereof to his commanding officer, shall be punished by the sentence of a court martial, with death, or otherwise, according to the nature of his offence.
     3. And by the act for the better government of the navy of the United States, it is enacted as follows,: Article 13. If any person in the navy shall make or attempt to make any mutinous assembly, he shall, on conviction thereof by, a court martial, suffer death; and if any person as aforesaid, shall utter any seditious or mutinous words, or shall conceal or connive at any mutinous or seditious practices, or shall treat with contempt his superior, being in the execution of his office, or being witness to any mutiny or sedition, shall not do his utmost to suppress it, he shall be punished at the discretion of a court martial. Vide 2 Stra. R. 1264.

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