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Nobody knows," he muttered dog- gedly and went on his way.
And while the people cheered and shouted, "Crutches" muttered, "Who can this devil be that is fighting so to get these useless books?
and when the youth was gone, he muttered, "He has done me no harm, poor wrench, but he is an eyesore to me now, for he is Driscoll, the young gentleman, and I am a--oh, I wish I was dead
Just the same answer,' muttered the witch; 'I think I'll go in and see.
That's it," muttered Passepartout; "these are the rogues who were going to burn our young lady.
It's not only absurd, but something else as well," muttered Trudolyubov, naively taking my part.
muttered Danglars; "whether she kill herself or not, what matter, provided Dantes is not captain?
Aramis muttered to himself, "We shall hear nothing but the usual commonplace things.
muttered a third; "and burn the whole pack of them under King George's nose
she muttered to herself, as she marched up to the house.
Tis some visiter," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door -- Only this, and nothing more.
Yes," muttered Solan, "I have often thought upon that very thing.