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And while they did it, "Green-patch" muttered, "This cripple is plainly a lunatic; but the old scholar shall have his books, nevertheless, though my pocket sweat for it.
He brother recognized it, and muttered, under cover of the storm of cheers--
Half-past two o'clock in the morning,' muttered Jeremiah.
Some one was in the boat-house when I broke the trap-door," Meekins muttered.
Nasri put a finger to his mouth and muttered "shut up" while looking towards the benches and the press stands in Donetsk after cancelling out Joleon Lescott's opener.
1 : to speak in a low voice with lips partly closed <He muttered an apology.
Vincent DePaul society--muttering prayers they muttered 20 years before me.
Charles muttered the comments, which were picked up by microphones, as he posed for pictures with sons William and Harry in Klosters, Switzerland.
The graybeards of Supreme Court practice frowned at first and muttered about the upstart's lack of etiquette that bordered on barratry--the lawyers' crime of stirring up disputes.
Larger works such as Untitled, a seven-and-a-half-by-fifteen-foot panel in blue ink, and She Muttered, a ten-by-three-and-a-half-foot vertical in black are characterized by a combination of rigor and exuberance that the artist half-jokingly calls "baroque minimalism.