mutual agreement

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Now it is not residence which constitutes a man a citizen; for in this sojourners and slaves are upon an equality with him; nor will it be sufficient for this purpose, that you have the privilege of the laws, and may plead or be impleaded, for this all those of different nations, between whom there is a mutual agreement for that purpose, are allowed; although it very often happens, that sojourners have not a perfect right therein without the protection of a patron, to whom they are obliged to apply, which shows that their share in the community is incomplete.
May be reduced to the following: adultery of one of the married parties, and the detection in the fact of the guilty party by mutual agreement, and failing such agreement, accidental detection.
Roque said in a statement on Thursday that a mutual agreement between the two countries for the development of minerals, oil and other resources is allowed under the 1987 Constitution and international law.
In a bid to market distinguished car plate numbers in the emirate, Sharjah Police have signed a mutual agreement with Emirates Auction to sell the third category of plate numbers.
International investors including South African businesses already use Mauritius as their base for their growth on the continent, but the proposed mutual agreement procedure will have to consider the OECD's BEPS (Base Erosion Profit Shifting) initiative concerning taxes.
Barnet Football Club tonight announce that Edgar Davids has resigned by mutual agreement from his position as head coach," the club said in a statement.
Before its completion, this contract may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties for a period equal to or less than originally set.
No winner no loser in wage file, but what happened was legalizing mutual agreement between both sides", the minister confirmed on Friday to "Voice of Lebanon" radio.
Later, in November last year, MC also petitioned for a mutual agreement based on the tax treaty between Japan and Australia.
The parties may withdraw, by mutual agreement, from the AAP any time before the date of the arbitration session.
The new Glucosamine/NKO(TM) product, a powerful Joint Health Complex will rapidly cross the Japanese border, as the Neptune Koyo partnership has a reciprocal and mutual agreement, including the opportunity for Neptune to introduce the new Joint Health Complex with Glucosamine/NKO(TM), in North America and Europe," added Gang He.
the starting point of the two-year period during which Member States' tax administrations must attempt to reach mutual agreement on how to eliminate the double taxation;