mutual attraction

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Had they met under different circumstances, neither of these young persons would have been likely to bestow much thought upon the other, unless, indeed, their extreme dissimilarity should have proved a principle of mutual attraction.
As the frugal farmer takes care that his cattle shall eat down the rowen, and swine shall eat the waste of his house, and poultry shall pick the crumbs,--so our economical mother dispatches a new genius and habit of mind into every district and condition of existence, plants an eye wherever a new ray of light can fall, and gathering up into some man every property in the universe, establishes thousandfold occult mutual attractions among her offspring, that all this wash and waste of power may be imparted and exchanged.
Their mutual attraction leads to a cunning plan to kill the virtually immortal Llew.
The Cooperation memorandum will ensure mutual information support in the implementation of various types of activities in Bulgaria and Romania, which will encourage the mutual attraction of investments, such as business forums, exhibitions, and fairs.
That kiss, it's not just a mutual attraction," Skelton told the (http://www.
In the final episode, we see 'Daenerys Targaryen' and 'Jon Snow' finally consummate their mutual attraction.
Both boys know their lives are on the line because the organization does not let losers live, but even facing their demise, the boys cannot resist their mutual attraction and share a few stolen kisses.
He encounters the genetically engineered spy Bellisia, and there might even be the possibility of mutual attraction .
A sausage, Frank (voiced by Seth Rogen) finds mutual attraction with a hotdog bun, Brenda (Kristen Wiig).
Their mutual attraction is taboo -- gypsies and gadjos don't mix, and Luz is caught between propriety and passion.
An insurance agent tries to take down a famous art thief but things get complicated when the pair's judgement is influenced by their mutual attraction.
Rom-com fun with the somewhat unrepulsive duo of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as mates who fall in love after giving into their mutual attraction.