mutual aversion

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The echt Hapsburg novelist Gregor von Rezzori's description of the Bucovinean city where he was born as home to "a dozen of the most disparate nationalities and at least half a dozen bitterly feuding faithsall living in the cynical harmony that is built on mutual aversion and common business dealings," could describe either.
The mutual aversion between Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu is only one symptom of a much deeper problem,
The belief was established further, which did not live long, that the general trend of organizations inclined toward consolidating unity at the expense of mutual aversion when its choices were less ideological.
However, Brown is also openly sympathetic to a republican inspired discourse of citizenship; one that could prioritise the active pursuit of collective ends and solidarities over a thin liberal conception that champions the avoidance of conflict and the regulation of mutual aversion.
Russell views Greene as a formative and persistent presence for Crews and draws on elements of the two authors' interviews, nonfiction writings, and their respective novels to reveal what he sees as a mutual aversion to postmodern techniques in favor of a more traditional and human approach to storytelling as well as a spare prose style.
30) Then, about twenty years later, he wrote: "Schools are the best defense for advanced peoples, and schools must be public, not sectarian, so as to avoid mutual aversion and hostility among the people of the same nation and so as not to have sectarian flags under the national flag.