mutual exchange

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How is it to be supposed that Willoughby, persuaded as he must be of your sister's love, should leave her, and leave her perhaps for months, without telling her of his affection;--that they should part without a mutual exchange of confidence?
I think I may now take it that we are both well versed in the actual facts, and that our conference had better take the shape of a mutual exchange of ideas.
The signed agreement implies institutional cooperation envisaged through networking and mutual exchange of teachers, researchers, students and other staff, lectures, visits and exchange of experiences, joint participation and applying for funds intended for educational, research and artistic activities, joint activities in the field of education, training and research, joint organization of conferences, symposia, congresses, seminars, courses, summer schools and workshops, and the exchange of professional literature, textbooks and other university publications and other activities of common interest.
The meeting was characterized by mutual exchange of ideas and cooperation between both countries and peoples.
He cited the parliamentary cooperation between the Council of Representatives and the US Congress and Senate and mutual exchange of visits and expertise in various fields.
An efficient application of fiscal rules should help to lessen the nominal exchange rate's dependence on oil prices in the region's leading economies and stabilise mutual exchange rates of the EDB member countries," Yaroslav Lissovolik, Chief Economist at the EDB, comments.
Uzbekistan and China reached an agreement on the establishment of mutual exchange of permit forms for international road transport of goods between the two countries.
Insurance regulators and industry players in Asia comprise the Mutual Exchange Forum on Inclusive Insurance (MEFIN) Network, which is pursuing knowledge exchange to strengthen microinsurance regulation, supervision, and market expansion in the region as a means of reducing persistent poverty.
CPC Taiwan believes this is an important first step to explore the business field in Southeast Asia, and by employing foreign laborers and promoting mutual exchange and investment, this new partnership should be a win-win for the businesses, and countries involved.
Qafco also shared its life-saving rules, expectations on supplier performance and ended the event with an interactive open floor discussion for the mutual exchange of ideas and feedback.
According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the two-day conference will discuss a number of themes including the cultural contributions from the United States and the Islamic world, Reality and Aspirations, Islamic contribution to the promotion of world peace and Muslims in the United States of America and mutual exchange between the United States of America and the Islamic world, and other issues.
The meeting dealt with the definition of the center, its mission and vision and enhancing existing cooperation between the Center and the relevant international centers and institutions and ways to open more channels of mutual exchange between the Center and other institutions, working in field of dialogue among followers of religions.