mutual forgiveness

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We have to embrace in mutual forgiveness inside the prayer: Lord have mercy
The only hope of restoration and arrival at the goal, advises Augustine, is mutual aid, mutual support, mutual forgiveness, it is by such means that pilgrims "grow in grace and live by faith.
In short, we know each other extremely well, all we have to do is love each other - and that begins with both respect and with what Christians would call mutual forgiveness.
It was then that Cardinal Myroslav-Ivan wrote from Rome to the Moscow Patriarchate proposing a public and formal gesture of mutual forgiveness.
Just as it will bear the fruits of mutual forgiveness, constructive dialogue and fruitful collaboration, to corroborate the union among the various components of this country and continue to witness Lebanon country as a message to all peoples of the Middle East.
Patriarch Kirill avoided talking to the media as he was leaving Warsaw's Royal Castle following a ceremony in which he and the head of Poland's Catholic Church called for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation.
The campaign is held in the framework of the year of family, peace, reconciliation and mutual forgiveness announced by the President of the Kyrgyzstan and the Year against bride kidnapping and violence against women announced by the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan.
31) Could the idea of mutual forgiveness in which both parties are at once victim and victimizer (often the case in adversarial relations amongst youth) be a promising place to get students going on the idea of forgiving?
The papers call for constitutional reforms to grant the Kurds self-governance and Kurdish-language education as well as "conditions for total exclusion of violence and for disarmament on the basis of mutual forgiveness," Karayilan said.
People visit each others houses for greeting and share the joy of the new year, relations are revived and differences resolved after mutual forgiveness.
Promoting mutual forgiveness within the fractured relationship.
The PCID underlined the importance of encouraging mutual forgiveness and reconciliation in order to coexist peacefully, acknowledge common denominators, and respecting differences as the bases for establishing a culture of dialogue, in addition to acknowledging the dignity, rights and respect of all human beings without discrimination based on ethnicity or religion.

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