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These findings highlight the relative importance of motivation and commitment to abstinence as key factors for youth success (Kelly, Myers & Brown 2000); moreover, they suggest that the therapeutic mechanisms of change in mutual help groups may be different for different age groups.
As an extended family, a mutual help group can add new dimensions to the client's life.
As a politically oriented organization, a mutual help group typically arises as a grassroots movement to improve the quality of life for people with a specific disability.
In this sense a mutual help group shares common values with public programs and agencies throughout the rehabilitation community.
In this way, the mutual help group can help a client develop the wherewithal to seek a better life through planned, intentional change.
In some instances participation in a mutual help group may be included as a needed service in rehabilitation planning.
Mutual help groups had also become widespread among the Kuria of Mara region by the time of my field research.
Present-day mutual help groups are mobilized with greater regularity than those of the past, and have a consistent membership, a pronounced organizational structure, and an emphasis on orderly reciprocal exchanges.
The numbers of iriika and other mutual help groups have increased in their community: 'It is profitable to do work together.
Kuria mutual help groups had become effective economic mediators with the emerging money economy because of their reliance on cultural patterns of reciprocity and mutuality.
Yet, there's some evidence of John Naisbett's prediction that the "high tech" megatrend is resulting in a secondary desire for "high touch" contacts; a small but significant number of online mutual help groups arrange for periodic F2F conferences or meetings.