mutual ownership

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Access to fresh capital is limited to retained earnings due to its mutual ownership, which, combined with a small absolute capital base, means Fitch expects CUS to maintain capital ratios that are above those of larger peers.
In 1986 he converted First Federal from a mutual ownership form to a stock form and executed an initial public offering of stock.
The NCUA's proposed rule on alternative capital would undermine credit unions' mutual ownership structure, allow outside investors to leverage the tax subsidy, and fuel runaway growth of an industry that has already outgrown its original purpose," the ICBA said in a statement.
Innovation is woven into Vanguard's DNA, from our unique mutual ownership structure to bringing the first index mutual fund to market for individual investors," added McNabb.
Differentiation and greater mutual ownership will be further key elements of the new ENP, recognising that not all partners aspire to comply with EU rules and standards, and reflecting the wishes of each country concerning the nature and scope of its partnership with the EU.
Coverage encompasses housing built by the Department of the InteriorAEs Division of Subsistence Homesteads, as well as housing programs administered by the Public Works Administration, the US Housing Authority, the Mutual Ownership Defense Housing Division, and the Federal Works Agency.
VTMB's ratings are supported by its mutual ownership structure that alleviates pressure on the bank to maximise profits, due to the absence of shareholder expectations for returns.
Under the new article, companies should take into account that mutual ownership between two independent public joint-stock companies may not exceed 10 per cent of the capital of each of them.
It is also committed to maintaining its mutual ownership.
This mutual ownership structure aligns Vanguard's interests with those of investors.
David Cameron is good at spouting about the 'Big Society' or the importance of mutual ownership, but when it comes down to looking at what the government actually does they always think private enterprise is best.

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