mutual pledge

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At parting She gave a thousand messages of love, Among the rest recalled a mutual pledge, How on the seventh day of the seventh moon, Within the Hall of Immortality At midnight, whispering, when none were near, Low in her ear, he breathed, "I swear that we, Like to the one-winged birds, will ever fly, Or grow united as the tree whose boughs Are interwoven.
Our expanded coverage, investigation expertise and mutual pledge to providing outstanding customer service will position us to compete nationally at the highest level.
In his address at the UN General Assembly last week, Sharif proposed a mutual pledge by India and Pakistan not to resort to use of force or such other threat under any circumstances and respect for the 2003 bilateral accord for a ceasefire along the Kashmir Line of Control.
They bade adieu to each other with a mutual pledge to ensure that no hard feeling from the past political rows ever gets the better of any partner in the days to come.
Last year, Saudi Arabia announced a plan to share a grid with Egypt in a mutual pledge to meet local needs.
I shall be forever faithful to our mutual pledge of allegiance and to constitutional obligations.
That mutual pledge still constitutes our social contract and the core of authentic American patriotism.
Now, if we all do not attain thereto, without doubt one of us will; what, then, shall be our mutual pledge and bond?
A mutual pledge of a helping hand, the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC for short), has been spreading from state to state since its inception in 1993.
In response, India suggested a mutual pledge not to launch a devastating nuclear first strike.
In response, India has suggested a mutual pledge not to launch a nuclear strike first.
On Friday relations between India and Pakistan appeared to be improving when Pakistan proposed that both countries sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and India suggested a mutual pledge of no-first strike.

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