mutual profit

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The nuisance of an Arab guard is one which is created by the Sheiks and the Bedouins together, for mutual profit, it is said, and no doubt there is a good deal of truth in it.
You will be welcome to Serbia, in order to mold the scope of the two peoples' brotherhood into mutual profit, which we will be making through joint effort and joy, said Nikolic.
com, stated, "Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch and some of their market maker clients agreed to and created a scheme to effect the naked short selling in our securities in order to drive down the price of our stock to their mutual profit.
The parties must each be prepared to accept a short-term personal loss if it will contribute to mutual profit in the longer term.
Rather than having continued ownership of the transferred assets in a different form, Stone evidenced the intent to conduct a joint enterprise for mutual profit.
Entering into a licensing agreement is to enter into a partnership, a continuing relationship where licensor and licensee work together to maximize their mutual profit.
This is a social world of explicitly established rules, or incentives, of exchanges of anticipated income, of mutual profit.
For some it could be the road to the aisle, while for others it'll be a wheeling and dealing association where mutual profit is the goal.
In the coming year, I look forward to Hitachi Data Systems further expanding the resources available to our channel partners, and ensuring that we move our collective businesses ahead for mutual profit.
We will continue to work closely with our partners to achieve mutual profit growth and market leadership in our respective industries.
It is our expectation that this agreement will lead to enhanced mutual profit as Chorus Meshcon moves to market.

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