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The method is based on a mutual resistance matrix, with dominant diagonal due to the self-resistance of the segments.
In a two segment discretization, the calculated values for the elements outside of the mutual resistance matrix diagonal, which are half of total matrix elements, are not correct, due to images.
Similarly we obtain mutual resistances [R.sub.13mut] and [R.sub.23mut] and summarize results in Table 8.
The presence of current [I.sub.3] should be considered for active electrodes 1 and 2 through the respective mutual resistance in Maxwell equations.
Neglecting (as an assumption) the mutual resistances ([R.sub.12], [R.sub.13] and [R.sub.23]) and the influence of the third grounding electrode within each pair, by solving the system of three equations with three unknowns obtained in this way, we calculate the approximate values of the own resistances of grounding electrodes ([R.sub.10], [R.sub.20] and [R.sub.30]) and summarize them in Table 3.
At frequencies corresponding to the frequencies of the resonances of the currents, the values of the input and mutual resistances of the nodes will tend to infinity (if the active resistances are neglected).

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