mutual understanding

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Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], August 29 ( ANI ): Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar on Tuesday welcomed the Indian and Chinese troops' decision to withdraw from Doklam, and said that the mutual understanding has proved to be a 'victory for India.'
"It's possible that some sort of contract or memorandum on mutual understanding needs to be signed" the ambassador added.
It is hoped that mutual understanding will be achieved about the challenges faced by blind and partially sighted passenger and the drivers.
The poor, who are to some the biggest sect in the country, today have no mutual understanding because the language of political chameleons licked our forehead and stuck the label "my party is my life."
The meeting exchanged viewpoints on a number of issues of common concern and means of intensifying the international cooperation for the sake of cementing the mutual understanding and respect among various cultures and beliefs.
Islamabad, Rabi'II 15, 1435, Feb 15, 2014, SPA -- Saudi-Pakistani relations are solid and deeply rooted, in addition of fully mutual understanding well, in the context of with their strategic partnership and in line with the keenness of the two leaderships to bolster and enhance them, to serve the interests of their two nations and peoples, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr.
The UN also recalls with appreciation various global, regional and sub-regional initiatives on mutual understanding and interfaith harmony, including the Tripartite Forum on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace, and the initiative "A Common Word."
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed hope Thursday that sports exchange between North Korea and the United States will help promote mutual understanding between the people of the two Korean War foes, which do not have diplomatic relations, the country's official media reported Friday.
Expressing that he has done his best to foster dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding in the Balkan region as a whole and to a certain extent in the world Bosnian President said "I am especially proud to receive the first honorary doctorate that is given by the Suleyman E[currency]ah University."
This year's Abu Dhabi Festival is themed EoACAyConnecting Cultures', which recognises the role artistic expression plays in building partnerships of mutual understanding between people from diverse cultures and traditions.
In its "mission statement;' the CJCML says it is "dedicated to building bridges of mutual understanding and profound respect among Jews, Catholics and Muslims2 That, to say the least, is a challenging undertaking.
Yanukovych said Ukraine and Turkey worked over a number of solid projects that would strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries through a mutual understanding and confidence.