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We have therefore entered into a mutuality agreement to facilitate information exchange and the development of a common strategy to help ensure a fair distribution of job opportunities among our respective pilot groups.
AMB also works with the national and state trade groups to promote mutuality and will assist those trade groups on other issues, if deemed advisable, to the extent not inconsistent with our purpose.
All those building societies who shed their mutuality have either collapsed, are near collapse or have been taken over.
There are other building societies like the Alliance & Leicester which have remained independent but have decided to get rid of mutuality, believing the shareholder model to be more attractive.
But the promise I read in these texts is of a reign of mutuality.
Reports of the death of mutuality have been greatly exaggerated.
In addition to adding more flexibility, the biggest advantage for us is out ability to retain our mutuality, which allows us to continue to mare long-term business decisions for our policyholders," said Larry Shaw, president.
And, second, their most cherished values of "cooperation, mutuality, and loyalty" (p.
In particular, the FAA does not preempt traditional contract defenses under state law, such as lack of consideration, mutuality, unconscionability, fraud and duress.
King wrote, ``We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.
In its place we need to recover a feminist spirituality that celebrates and honors nonviolence, mutuality, compassion, forgiveness, and humility.
On the other hand, the lodges had the advantage of a powerful sense of mutuality reinforced by self-selection and local governance.