mutuality of interest

See: privity
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Thus the most felicitous outcome of the negotiation is for there to be mutuality of interest with mutuality not necessarily indicating equality of interest.
Privity" is something stronger than foreseeability; it requires a mutuality of interest or a connection.
Whether you are in the forefront of the renewable energy industry, a supplier of power island equipment or an operator of a conventional power fleet, there is a mutuality of interest to develop a modern power system that is both smart and sustainable.
Where and what (equipment) can be prepositioned will be subject to prior approval by the Philippine government and based on a mutuality of interest.
However, in the back drop of emerging security architect of the region offers an opportunity to both the countries to exploit mutuality of interest and convergence of views on various important regional and international issues especially Afghanistan and terrorism.
They say that freedom, mutuality of interest and engagement are their core principles.
22) Three dimensions borrowed from a game-theoretical approach should be taken into consideration - (i) the mutuality of interest, (ii) the shadow of the future and (iii) the number of players (23) - in an analysis of the potential success of cooperation.
Our ongoing principles are to have the auditor avoid auditing his or her own work, and not to have a mutuality of interest with the client.
A mutuality of interest does not constitute a conspiracy against the punter," he said.
Hunt said auditors must avoid all suggestions of mutuality of interest with the management of public companies for which an auditor provides services.
Under scientific management, the old zero-sum rancor would give way to positive-sum mutuality of interest.