mutually agreed

See: concerted
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The seven practical measures, to be implemented by Iran by May 15, 2014, are providing mutually agreed relevant information and managed access to the Saghand mine in Yazd, providing mutually agreed relevant information and managed access to the Ardakan concentration plant, and submission of an updated Design Information Questionnaire (DIQ) for the IR-40 Reactor.
We also have a mutually agreed leavers' scheme in place for employees who may want to leave the Trust in return for a payment.
He urged the two sides to hold an early dialogue and come up with mutually agreed proposals so that on going uncertainty in the sector is removed.
Barring a mutually agreed upon change order, a party will be held to the terms of a fixed price contract.
In addition, Major League Baseball will provide mutually agreed upon support and assistance to the foundation when possible, beginning with a link on the MLB Web site.
It was mutually agreed that an impasse had developed and that further discussion would be fruitless," said a statement signed by task force co-chairs Eunice McMahon, representing ACIP, and Bishop David Ashdown of the diocese of Keewatin, representing the house of bishops at the end of their Oct.
A designated employee, one mutually agreed upon by management and employees, becomes the EAR.
Milpitas, CA), a provider of Internet audience measurement information and analysis, and Jupiter Media Metrix (New York), a company that provides Internet and new technology analysis and measurement, have mutually agreed to terminate their Oct.
If the parties decide to use either option, any proposed resolution must be mutually agreed on by both the taxpayer and the LMSB team manager.
The focus of this international initiative is to agree on a common vocabulary for indexing data contained in environmental information systems, Internet sites, databases, and other electronic resources according to a mutually agreed upon set of key words.
In general, you will want to discuss and come to a mutually agreed upon price before providing any additional services.
Under the mutually agreed upon settlement, all outstanding litigation related to patent infringement and below cost pricing litigation was terminated.