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Chairman PEMRA emphasized on strengthening close coordination on mutually related matters between the two organizations and ensured his full cooperation.
The agreement aims to encourage an exchange of information between the two organizations on mutually related issues, including organizing joint workshops and conferences on tourism, museums, antiquities and urban heritage.
Combatting terror and extremism is a collaborative responsibility requiring strengthening efforts of the region and coordinating them with international efforts in this regard, al-Salal said, noting that security of Yemen and the Gulf is mutually related.
It is said that the science of medicine is amenable to four distinct yet mutually related and closely united means for its progress: The first is, preliminary education; the second, medical colleges; the third, clinical instruction, and the fourth, medical literature.
The key to solving this problem may be a simple detail: We do not relate (and entirely without reason) two mutually related and determining factors - the overabundance of reports on violence and brutality and their portrayal in our media, and the psychoanalytical implications of our undoubtedly sadistic and masochistic political commentary, where the predominant goal is to belittle others and oneself.
In formal language theory in computer science, "scattered context grammars" are used to mathematically formalize scattered information processing or the processing of broadly scattered pieces of mutually related information throughout various computer systems.
Moreover, this protected interest is directly established in and by the parties' mutually related expressions of assent.
He also shows how the modern project, from Descartes to Nietzsche and beyond, of rational control over nature, which has given us the facile assumption that social roles are "socially constructed" and may be easily be bent to human will, is inferior in humanity to a classical view that understands nature and nurture as mutually related. Nature, in that older View, is not merely material resistant to human manipulation but is a reminder of human dependency that, properly understood, connects us with meanings that we sorely feel the lack of today.
Divided into ten chapters and two supplements, the book treats a group of mutually related meteorological phenomena in separate chapters; these chapters do not correspond to those in Aristotle's Meteorology.
The mutually related values of two measurable quantities in the same phenomenon, such as time and covered distance in free fall, can constitute a new law by their mutual connection in a simple formula.
mutually related in an analogous way"; and third, "practice and the world, which it constantly converts into reality and objectifies" (p.
In 1 Corinthians 12:1-3, we see that the Holy Spirit and Jesus as Lord are mutually related. We have the Spirit because Jesus is Lord.

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