mutually understood

See: consensual
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Now it accompanies Boris at almost every public pronouncement - unnerving for those who take their politics seriously, but like a wink or mutually understood code for those desperate to see disruption, at any cost.
"The 'parallel behavior' exhibited by Mylett and [the girlfriend] as they confronted the jurors is evidence that the parties mutually understood 'the objective to be achieved' and implicitly agreed 'to cooperate in the achievement of that objective or the commission of the act.'"
The group aims to ensure that the photonics industry can address user demands, innovation and policy by ensuring that industry and government motivations, insights and interventions are mutually understood.
Each partnership requires set mutually understood terms, especially around what each party brings to the table, such as defining ownership of specific intellectual property.
Au contraire, what was mutually acceptable was freely shared in terms of food as well as religious and social fervour, both mutually understood as expressions of humanness, language itself crossing all barriers.
Few explanations are needed, as the collective suffering and awareness in examples of such images are mutually understood.
First, assessing inventory savings, via simulation or any other method, requires that the definitions of all measures are presented in a mutually understood Supply Chain Analyst Dashboard.”
On his part, Mr Kasoulides thanked Mr Venizelos, saying that when he visits Athens he feels differently than in any other country and he expressed the belief that the great need of Cyprus to be in constant consultations with Athens, to exchange views and compare notes is mutually understood. On this level of relations, he said, there are obvious results and these are going to be promoted.
Essentially, the US does not want to upset the mutually understood concept of "one China, two systems," established by President Jimmy Carter's Administration in 1979.
A commitment to the creation of an MLV framework should, over time, build a mutually understood mechanism for determining the extent of a crisis.
However, the only sure-fire way to ensure that both parties' intentions are clear and mutually understood is to have a cohabitation agreement.

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