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In the acceptation established by the Romanian Constitutional Court, "the freedom of contract is the acknowledged possibility of any rightful individual to conclude an agreement, a mutuus consensus, a result of their will manifestation that converges with the other part or parts, to determine its content and to determine its object, gaining rights and assuming obligations, which have to be observed by the parties" (Constitutional Court Decision no.
Here was a document that exemplified how two men, separated by distance and thus sustaining an absent conversation via the epistolary medium (absentium amicorum quasi mutuus sermo, as Erasmus wrote in his De conscribendis epistolis), could privately share a discussion of the moral and physical consequences that came of the free exercise of sexual congress.
Processus iudicis ad certitudinem moralem assequendam mutuo nexu probationem directam inter et indirectam nititur: <<Probationem directam inter et indirectam mutuus habetur nexus turn quoad vim probativam singulis dementis tribuendam [.
The man's wish is the same as Gower's in Vox 2-7: "Non magis esse probos ad finem solis ab ortu / Estimo, si populi mutuus esset amor" [From east to west there'd be no worthier / People, I think, if they would love each other; 1.
uror ego ante alias: iuvat hoc, Cerinthe, quod uror si tibi de nobis mutuus ignis adest.
Thus the remarriage of Pudentilla again conforms to standard "Roman" models of family behaviour -- most noticeably in the way the men's negotiations focussed on the conventional criteria of the bride's wealth, her sexual status, her appearance, and her age -- and even the way Apuleius characterized his marriage in court as a union based on concordia and mutuus amor (not romantic love), intended in the first instance for the procreation of heirs, consists perfectly with conventional Roman marital ideology.