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Donna Thomson sai" "Don't think they should be muzzled but all dogs should be kept on a lead.
When muzzled, a pet begins to rely upon species-specific calming and cut-off signals to communicate with their owner.
Under Irish law certain dog breeds must be muzzled while out in public.
Demers, including to have the dogs muzzled whenever they are outside her home.
When there was no response, Kettle sent Bronko, muzzled, into the bushes, police said.
We questioned the teacher and the students and discovered that some of the pupils had been assaulted by her and humiliated by having their mouths muzzled using tape," an educational zone official said.
However, I consider that his recommendations do not go far enough for I am of the opinion that all dogs in transit should be muzzled.
The dog should have been muzzled, it was so strong - I don't want to think about what would have happened if it had been a child.
The dog is not aggressive but I thought it had to be muzzled by law?
Each bucket hid a muzzled and defanged rattlesnake - participants in a three-step process developed by veteran dog trainer Patrick Callaghan to instill fear of these poisonous reptiles into inquisitive canines.
The owners of a Japanese Akita dog that attacked a schoolboy today assured neighbours it will be muzzled in public.
Barristers have been asked to assess whether the Hunting Bill would cover coursing with muzzled dogs.