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Demers pulled into her driveway, Saydee was muzzled, but the other dog was not.
Many of the muzzled weapons were processed or collected during a door-to-door inspection drive conducted by the Abra police in January.
It is not necessary by law for rottweilers to be muzzled when in public places.
If your dog is aggressive toward people and you are seeking the assistance of a behavior professional, s/he might require your dog to be muzzled during the consult.
However, Lynn Shakeshaft and her son Lee, 24, who own the Akita called Coban, have defended their pet and said it is being muzzled in public.
In fact, the use of muzzled dogs is already common practice in Ireland, where the races take place in enclosed areas or parks rather than the open countryside.
A: THERE are only certain types of dog that must be muzzled - pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, dogo argentino and fila braziliero.
It is understood members of the coursing world have asked QCs how a judge would interpret the definition of coursing as set out in the Hunting Bill, and if this would cover coursing with muzzled dogs.
Callaghan conducts his training course with live, but muzzled rattlesnakes.
I am 70 years old and I fail to see how anyone can worry about a dog's behaviour if it is muzzled and equate it with a child or a person being torn limb-from-limb, I cannot think of a more horrible death.
Speaking on the first anniversary of his death, mum Angela McGlynn called for it to be compulsory for dogs to be muzzled around kids under 12.
Justice of the peace Mary Brown ordered that Charlie Nicholas should be muzzled at all times out with the family home.