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Velocity is the average of five rounds measured 12 feet from the guns' muzzles.
Here's what readers are saying on our Facebook page: | If you're keeping a potentially dangerous dog, put a muzzle on it before leaving the house.
Smear the end of the muzzle with peanut butter, Cheez Whiz or liverwurst, so he's rewarded when you put it on.
The practice of muzzle-taping only shows the distrust of the organization to its very own policemen, such that we need to require unit commanders to put a tape around the muzzle [of their firearms],' Chief Supt.
Muzzle and lead, chipped and properly licensed will save any child from being maimed everything helps.
The Company of Animals believes that a dog dressed in a muzzle is a sign of responsible pet parenting, and they aren't the only ones who follow this philosophy.
Manila: Personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) have affixed adhesive tape on the muzzle of their firearms on Monday as part of preparations for safer holiday celebrations.
There is no evidence of a muzzle harming a dog and 89% of the public interviewed in Liverpool agreed it would be a good idea.
Some states may have provisions in their laws that prohibit removable muzzle brakes/flash suppressors or threaded muzzles.
As muzzles are vital to John Paul's Law, Angela vows to pay for them from his memorial charity.
A DOG owner is urging people with unpredictable pets to use muzzles after his friendly lurcher was attacked by an Alsatian.
The darn shotgun muzzles are offering distracting motion while we are trying to concentrate on the target.