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SON, kindred. An immediate male descendant. In its technical meaning in devises, this is a word of purchase, but the testator may make it a word of descent. Sometimes it is extended to more remote descendants.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"My son, my dear son," I exclaimed, kissing him in a transport of joy.
Since then my son has become a widower and has gone travelling.
"The next day my beloved son once again felt pain and I took him to the city big Leady Reading Hospital (LRH) wherein my son referred to surgical ward but the doctors after x-rays once again unheeded my son" he alleged.
I HAVE never written a letter to the Examiner before, but really felt I had to after what happened to my son.
My Son David by RM Abram is a fascinating tale of a father and son trying to restore the value of their lineage and familial fate of fulfilling the intent of the Shield of David.
At his baptism (1:9-11) Jesus sees the heavens ripped open ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and a voice declares "You are my son, the Beloved."
For example, if the one on the throne occasionally addressed Ezekiel as "my son," we would have a better reason to think that he meant the same thing when he addressed him as "son of adam." As it is, nothing in the context suggests a different meaning than usual for ben adam and the normal meaning makes good sense here.
As I watched the old women, my son followed them and rubbed his own silent hopes into the circlet of bronze thorns, a symbol of suffering and mockery now made an object of honor.
(19.) Louise describes the occasion in her Journal: "me laissa d'adminstration de ses biens, de sa fortune et de ses filles; mesmement de madame Claude, reine de France et femme de mon fils, laquelle j'ai honorablement et amiablement conduite." (she left to me the administration of her estate, of her fortune and of her daughters; also of madam Claude, queen of France and wife of my son, which I have undertaken with honor and kindness), 394.
I had to close the top and send my son's body away forever.
I have Abdul Aziz my only son and now the doctors are demanding Rs1.8 million for my son operation.