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Porges says, "If we feel safe, we have access to the neural regulation of the facial muscles, we have access to a myelinated vagal circuit that is capable of downregulating more traditional fight/flight and stress responses, and we have an opportunity to play.
Thus, during early stages in the postnatal cerebellum, activated microglia are mainly present in the white matter near axons that will soon be myelinated.
Histopathological findings associated with Q163X mutation include severe loss of myelinated axons, moderate loss of unmyelinated fibers, and onion bulb formations, with no evidence of axonal renewal (16).
The present study was designed to identify changes in the diameters of the myelinated fibers and axons as well as the thickness of the myelin sheaths in the cerebellar white matter of control and chronic D-gal-treated mice.
Ultrastructural and morphometric studies of the peripheral nerves reveal loss of unmyelinated and small myelinated fibers and no innervation to the sweat glands.
3 Pain associated with nerve compression is mediated by unmyelinated, slow conducting C-fibres, which are normally inhibited by earlier-arriving fast impulses conducted by myelinated Ad fibres because mechanical compression appears to block the large Ad fibres more effectively.
The conduction velocity of a myelinated fiber depends on the complex interactions among the structural features of the axon and its myelin sheath, and on the nature and distribution of the conductance mechanisms of the axon (Waxman, 1980).
In fact, the presence of these molecules along an axon's myelinated coating is an excellent marker of damage there.
3) Numerous studies have demonstrated that the myelinated axons and fibers that connect various brain regions are abnormal in patients with schizophrenia.
During his lecture, Waxman described the precise organization of myelinated nerve fiber and how that helps nerve signals to be communicated.
axonis parasites reside within the myelinated axons (5), and special staining for axons confirmed this location for the brain parasites in this study.
Acute, well-defined pain is transmitted through the myelinated and high threshold level A5 fiber axons.