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Myelinated retinal nerve fibres are developmental anomalies, present in approximately 1% of all eyes.
In vitamin E deficient rats, two months after crush denervation of sciatic nerve, the number of myelinated fibers was lower than in the corresponding control suggesting the involvement of vitamin E in nerve regeneration processes (Cecchini et al.
22,23) Exact mechanisms of action are not known, but coagulation likely denatures peripheral nerves, preventing conduction in small myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers until the nerve regenerates.
For example, when humans are born, their brains are not very well myelinated," Vallet says.
Previous studies of our group (16) investigated the effects of estragole on myelinated fibers of the sciatic nerve with conduction velocity between 40 and 100 m/s; myelinated fibers with lower conduction velocities and unmyelinated fibers were not recorded.
When the axon is not myelinated it 'shorts out' and can cause unpredictable connections.
The study showed that the exclusively breastfed group had the fastest growth in myelinated white matter of the three groups, with the increase in white matter volume becoming substantial by age 2.
20) In herpes zoster, it is postulated that the virus is transported from dorsal root ganglia to skin via myelinated axons, with nerve endings at the hair follicle isthmus leading to folliculosebaceous and subsequently, to epidermal spread of the virus.
All three of these mechanisms initially damage the small distal sensory fibers but eventually cause a loss of the large myelinated fibers causing severe pain and loss of function.
A myelinated neuron is analogous to having the male students covered up; the signal passes faster down the line just as the eraser passes faster down the line if only the female students have to handle it.
Effects of acrylamide on subcellular distribution of elements in rat sciatic nerve myelinated axons and Schwann cells.
White matter (WM) consists of myelinated axons that arise from either the neuronal cell bodies in the cerebral cortex or the nuclei of deep gray matter structures.