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On average, 950 myelinated fiber profiles, 3300 points hitting the fibers and 1500 points hitting the myelin sheaths were counted per rat hemisphere.
He concluded that the human forebrain contains an average of 22 billion neurons, 157 trillion synapses, and 84,500 miles of myelinated fibers.
Glycerol is a hyperbaric solution that is injected into the Meckel's cave to cause destruction to the myelinated fibers of the nerve.
Ultrastructural study confirmed dropout of large- and small-diameter myelinated fibers and disclosed inclusions located mainly in myelinated fibers (Figure 3, A).
The quantitative data from this analysis (Figure 4) show that the area of myelinated fibers in the operated-vehicle group (12.
19] Two centimeters caudal to the laryngeal penetration (in cats), 50% of the myelinated fibers are motor axons.
Unmyelinated fibers conduct very slowly (approximately 1 meter/second), while the speed of conduction in myelinated fibers depends on the total thickness of the fiber.