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20) Therefore, the localization of NEDD8 in the myelinated fibers was examined by double immunostaining using specific antibodies against NEDD8 and MAG.
The diameter of its myelinated fibers and the density of both the myelinated and un-myelinated fibers do not vary from male to female.
where [SIGMA]Q(nf) denotes the total number of the myelinated fiber profiles counted per rat white matter, [SIGMA]A(frame) the total area of counting frames used per rat.
On a per-second basis, the damage is 32,000 neurons, 230 million synapses, and 218 yards of myelinated fiber.
As noted above, loss of function after SCI is in large part due to damage to myelinated fibers in ascending and descending tracts within the spinal cord.
Mean myelinated fiber number on control nerves was 19 [+ or -] 4 while for the diabetic it was 8 [+ or -] 2, being this difference statistically significant.
Sural nerve biopsy revealed nerve demyelination, axonal degeneration, and an obvious loss of large myelinated fibers, accompanied by Schwann cell proliferation and onion bulb formation.
DN probably stimulates both large myelinated fibers (A[beta]- and A[delta]-fibers) as well as C-fibers indirectly via the release of inflammatory mediators.
The mean diameter of the myelinated fibers and axons as well as the mean thickness of the myelin sheaths was measured.
Ultrastructural and morphometric studies of the peripheral nerves reveal loss of unmyelinated and small myelinated fibers and no innervation to the sweat glands.
Nerve biopsy: Toluidine blue staining showed large- diameter myelinated fibers are significantly reduced and some nerve fiber swelled (Fig.
Previous studies of our group (16) investigated the effects of estragole on myelinated fibers of the sciatic nerve with conduction velocity between 40 and 100 m/s; myelinated fibers with lower conduction velocities and unmyelinated fibers were not recorded.