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The present study was designed to identify changes in the diameters of the myelinated fibers and axons as well as the thickness of the myelin sheaths in the cerebellar white matter of control and chronic D-gal-treated mice.
The conduction velocity of a myelinated fiber depends on the complex interactions among the structural features of the axon and its myelin sheath, and on the nature and distribution of the conductance mechanisms of the axon (Waxman, 1980).
The evidence suggests that effects of spinal manipulative therapy is primarily neurophysiologic, most likely mediated by intense stimulation of large myelinated fibers in the capsular and/or periarticular tissues.
An efficient and unbiased stereological method was applied to estimate the white matter volume, the total volume, total length and mean diameter of the myelinated fibers in the white matter and the total volume of the myelin sheaths in the white matter of rat brain.
Our results show the diabetic injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerves myelinated fibers in this experimental model of diabetes.
He concluded that the forebrain contains an average of 22 billion neurons, 157 trillion synapses, and 84,500 miles of myelinated fibers.
CPT for large myelinated fibers showed that these were the primary nerve fibers affected by lead exposure.
Myelinated fibers are thought to be faster at conducting pain and other sensory stimuli than unmyelinated fibers.
All the case reports on this showed neuropathies with axon loss in myelinated fibers.
The branch that connects the VIIth cranial nerve with the lesser petrosal nerve (from cranial nerve IX) apparently carries small myelinated fibers that contain interspersed autonomic fibers from the auricular branch of cranial nerve X.
Percutaneous balloon microcompression is a procedure that selectively injures the large myelinated fibers that mediate light touch and trigger the pain in all three sensory branches of the trigeminal nerve (Tekkok & Brown, 1996).