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2004) Restricted growth of Schwann cells lacking Cajal bands slows conduction in myelinated nerves.
Age changes in myelinated nerve fibers of the cingulate bundle and corpus callosum in the rhesus monkey.
white matter--Tissue in the central nervous system that is mostly composed of myelinated nerve fibers and is white in color.
Carticaine: action of the local anesthetic on myelinated nerve fiber.
Determinants of conduction velocity in myelinated nerve fibers Muscle Nerve.
During his lecture, Waxman described the precise organization of myelinated nerve fiber and how that helps nerve signals to be communicated.
Platinums affect large myelinated nerve fibers' causing sensory neuropathy but not usually neuropathy-related pain.
Periodontal tissues are extensively innervated by myelinated nerve fibers, closely associated with blood vessels.
Standard techniques for measuring nerve conduction velocities give only information on the largest and fastest conducting myelinated nerve fibers; therefore we were not able to detect any change in function of small, unmyelinated nerve fibers.
The research team at the University of Kentucky's College of Medicine, led by Brian Gold, associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology, focused on the brain's white matter, which forms the majority of deep parts of the brain and consists primarily of myelinated nerve cell processes, or axons.
46,47) Electron microscopy of the pigeon cutaneous antebrachii lateralis nerve (cutaneous branch of the radial nerve) revealed that approximately 90% of all myelinated nerve fibers were small A[delta]/group III fibers.
Myelin: A white fatty material composed chiefly of alternating layers of lipids and lipoproteins that encloses the axons of myelinated nerve fibers.