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16) The development of very high myopia and amblyopia is a common finding in eyes with peripapillary myelinated nerve fibres.
Myelin: A white fatty material composed chiefly of alternating layers of lipids and lipoproteins that encloses the axons of myelinated nerve fibers.
This study for the first time combined transmission electron microscopy technique and unbiased stereological principle to quantitatively investigate the myelinated nerve fibers in the white matter of Long-Evans rats.
The initial injury in the diabetic patient is from chronic hyperglycemia, and the first damage occurs in the blood vessels at the endothelial cell (5) interfering with the myelinated nerve fibers and causing damage and interfering with nerve blood flow.
A sampling of contents: optimal signal processing for brain-machine interfaces, functional characterization of adaptive visual encoding, restoration of movement by implantable neural motor prostheses, advances in retinal neuroprosthetics, muscle synergies for motor control, cable equation model for myelinated nerve fiber, and nonlinear approaches to learning and memory.
Polydefkis and his associates concluded that the measurement of ENFD in skin punch biopsies is a more sensitive marker for detecting neuropathy early than are nerve conduction studies that test the function of large myelinated nerve fibers (Neurology 2003;60:108-11).