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Elsewhere Thomas notes several specific types of mysteries in Qumran literature that would be understood as a "mystery that is to be" ("[1] the temporal dominion of God; [2] eschatology; [3] creation; [4] determinism; [5] torah; [6] instruction for daily life; and [7] ethical dualism" [p.
The narrative style of Mark mirrors Jesus' actions in Mark--a singleminded, undistracted urgency of preaching, practicing, and embodying the mysteries of the reign of God.
This second edition of Scripture-based apologetics also includes a new chapter on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary--Mysteries which lead us to a better understanding of the life and mission of Jesus Christ.
The mysteries he focused on, he said, are not those featuring clerical sleuths or even Christian ones, but are written from a traditional Christian world view and explore Christian themes.
By asking us to resist the Western impulse definitively to solve mysteries, determine truths, and interpret texts, and to turn instead to mystery, Mumbo Jumbo appears to be an "anti-detective" novel in the truest sense.
The book then examines mysteries of the Stone Age: the beginnings of language, the fate of the Neandertals, and the meaning of cave paintings.
Because Poe's ratiocinative work--his mysteries as much as his puzzles--is about the pleasure of solution, of thinking methodically for its own sake.
The Math Mysteries computer program helps students in grades 4-6 learn to solve word problems.
Reason could conquer the intangible mysteries that had stared down at humankind from the night sky since the dawn of time.
Larry Crumbley, professor of accounting at Louisiana State University, has added title number eight to a series of mysteries designed to teach his students as they entertain.
One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries You Solve With Science