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However, Liu did not return to his container and went mysteriously missing .
Kabul [Afghanistan], Sep 8 ( ANI ): At least three militants, including their commander, were found mysteriously dead on Thursday in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.
Director Spike Lee's pulpy version offers a violent and nihilistic performance from Josh Brolin as Joe, who is mysteriously imprisoned for 20 years before being equally mysteriously released and faced with the man (a flamboyant Sharlto Copley) who held him captive and now holds his grown-up daughter.
Stanley's Uncle Ernie works on the quayside when all the jobs that need doing mysteriously disappear and even more mysteriously Uncle Ernie develops an out-of-the-ordinary fascination with canning fish.
Summary: German firemen have rescued a mysteriously naked man trapped in a narrow chimney in central Berlin, a spokesman said.
Sean comes across a national conspiracy while searching for his girlfriend, who mysteriously disappeared from a cruise ship.
A Bulgarian policeman, Boris Markov, was found dead in the Struma river on Tuesday after missing mysteriously for more than 48 hours.
mys*te*ri*ous*ly adverb <She mysteriously disappeared.
A coroner has matched a pair of dismembered female feet that mysteriously washed up on the shores of Canada.
Like many books from this publisher, this book's author is mysteriously naked of identification; a web search does not bring up his affiliation.
She has a history of husbands dying mysteriously, and now her betrothed has died mysteriously as well.
Alex Goldfarb said Lugovoy is a "marked man" who may mysteriously drop dead or disappear.