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The back-of-the-head shots are also an assertion of the utter mysteriousness of identity.
It also determines the importance of the category of mysteriousness in Latgale's descriptions by Latvian authors.
The mysteriousness of the Trinity, however, hasn't stopped the church from spending centuries examining and clarifying its doctrine.
I'm still struck by the mysteriousness and solemnity of his poems, and the flashes of insight.
"Whatever." She slinked away in her usual feigned mysteriousness. But today I wasn't amused or even annoyed by her theatrics.
The Afghanisation of politics is really the mysteriousness of what's going on here.
The culture of the Maya is still of great depth and resonance for us North Americans for manifold reasons, but perhaps the salient reason is a kind of deep Western respect (and not a little guilt) mingled with a fascination for the sheer mysteriousness of the hows and whys of Mayan civilization.
A few years back in this column I dubbed it both the Gamma Scuti Star Cloud and also a name befitting its mysteriousness: "the Seventh Glow."
As designers, we get inspirations everywhere; as dreamers, we're obliged to come up with ideas that the consumers themselves don't yet know they love, such as the Twilight color." The dreamy color scheme was specifically developed to capture the magnificence and mysteriousness of the aurora.
"With the well-rehearsed story with Litvinenko and all the incomprehensible secrecy and mysteriousness, there were court hearings after which the British government began proceeding with some self-analysis.
Its length and complexity require an attentive reader; however, the story has an engaging mysteriousness, enhanced by beautifully described scenes in the snowy forests of the kingdom and in Paris in the 1930s and 1940s.
One of his intensely atmospheric tonal brush drawings made around 1831 in Shoreham, his 'valley of vision', the drawing explores the mysteriousness of the nocturnal landscape ($250,000-$350,000).