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The prime minister said this while chairing a high-level meeting about highlighting mysticism and the role of Sufia-e-Kiram in the spread of Islam and establishment of an educational and research institution in that regard.
'Sufism is not such a discourse which eggs on a person to go to desert or jungle for leading an isolated life but the concept teaches us to recognise ourselves by diving into the ocean of mysticism, ' he added.
Gibran referred to the work of Nile Green, titled "From Mysticism to Tradition: Conceptualizing Sufism".
Indubitably, in a world devoid of mysticism, love and spirituality, understanding Rumis message can solve many of the problems of the human community.
Vice Chancellor Dr Uzma Qureshi welcomed foreign and local guests and highlighted the importance and role of mysticism. She declared that mysticism and Sufism have been instrumental in promoting peace.
Synopsis: Her third book on Modern Mysticism, "The Eagle's View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism" by Paddy Fievet guides the reader into discovering his or her own answers to the age old questions: Where am I?
'In 'Doctor Strange,' magic is magic What makes mysticism 'mysticism' is that it transcends our categories, and our ability to assimilate through knowledge, that which is scientific, factual and which is provable.
Poor, Sara S., and Nigel Smith, eds, Mysticism and Reform, 1400-1750 (ReFormations: Medieval and Early Modern), Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame Press, 2015; paperback; pp.
Synopsis: In the pages of "Alchemy & Mysticism", author Axlexander Roob and The Hermetic Museum takes readers on a magical mystery tour spanning an arc from the medieval cosmogram and images of Christian mysticism, through the fascinating world of alchemy to the art of the Romantic era.
It has never seized to intrigue this writer that African people, especially traditional healers, can function in their trade both as scientists and as practitioners of mysticism simultaneously without experiencing a sense of conflict or contradiction.
He has been most known for his work in philosophy of mysticism, and books like Mysticism and Philosophy (1960) and Teachings of the Mystics (1960).
During this period, scholars of history, religion, literature, psychoanalysis, and sociology explored and critiqued mysticism and its capacity to make the individual feel at peace and whole in its transcendence of the ego.