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She declared that mysticism and Sufism have been instrumental in promoting peace.
He now has decided to learn about mysticism and spiritualism at 67.
The purpose of traditional healer training is to give the apprentices competence as the community philosopher, the medical science practitioner and the expert in mysticism.
Yet his writings on religious ecstasies drew heavily on Catholic mysticism and vocabulary.
As early as the 1890s, pioneering thinkers in Latin America were already forming part of this nascent Zeitgeist by formalizing the intellectual value of non-theistic mysticism through their writings.
The English publication of his Opera Omnia emerges with this first of two books on Mysticism and Spirituality.
Chapter Four focuses on the cataphatic element of Woolf's aesthetic, the cataphatic referring to that strand of mysticism which emphasizes the "constructive power of language" to express the moment of vision (72).
Here I'd like to briefly suggest how Borges might mesh with the new scholarship, widening the understanding of Borges and Jewish mysticism.
Jewish mysticism is shown to have much in common with counterparts in Islam, perhaps opening roads to dialogue.
This paper endeavors to bring into light the unity of knowledge and action under the domain of mysticism with special focus on Ali Hujwiri's most celebrated book Kashf al Mahjub.
Unity in Diversity: Mysticism, Messianism and the Construction of Religious Authority in Islam
Rather than engaging with the world for the sake of the common good, the politics of mysticism seeks to control the world for the sake of preserving the identity of a church that experiences itself as embattled.