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Dans une derive sanguinaire, le terrorisme de l'incroyable mystification syrienne et bien d'autres drames du GMO a feu et a sang a frappe au cœur le la capitale francaise.
Such mystification makes any enquiry into Druze doctrine or history a delicate endeavor.
The Internet of Things (IoT) may cause some mystification in the workplace, as these next responses show:
Son action solidaire et denonciatrice constitue une belle riposte pour les tentatives de brouille et de mystification.
The tragedy doesn't end there; traders have to use an expert to help unravel the mystification of this tax and its calculations.
All these thoughts are from John Tamny, a one-man antidote to economic obfuscation and mystification.
Yet however much Baruchellakeeps us at arm's length, he does not pursue mystification for its own sake.
The limitation of understanding spreads beyond the mystification regarding the definition of nationalisation.
To the mystification of many City fans, Pellegrini has opted not to play Micah Richards in central defence, or give Dedryck Boyata a first-team chance.
The one who theoretically will build the meaning of "ideology" as a symbolic system which serves the mystification of reality, was Karl Marx.
It represents the mystification and mythification Clare undertakes to make "the personal more complex and more significant than mere autobiography.
Ifans was the picture of new age mystification as the extravagantly named Xenophilius Lovegood - an eccentric hippie wizard with candyfloss hair and father to the equally away-with-the-fairies Luna Lovegood.