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The All I Want star escaped unharmed and said he was mystified by his spooky vision of the future.
TONY Mowbray revealed today that he was mystified why referee Rob Lewis awarded Boro a penalty against Scunthorpe - and then changed his mind.
And journalistically, staff were quite mystified by the early years of Thatcher.
Sheen said that he was thrilled to be honoured by the British royal Queen Elizabeth II - but was also mystified as to why he was handed the status.
I live in Buenos Aires and am mystified at the unquestioning acceptance by writers up North of this province and its basic facts of life.
Stonehenge has mystified visitors for thousands of years.
SUTTON Coldfield Library is aiming to captivate visitors with its Music for the Mystified project.
Something mystified me in your story "Buried Treasures: Constructing--and deconstructing--cave formations" (SN: 4/29/06, p.
We are surprised and totally mystified with the decision to award Leeds all the points,' he said.
The term 'appellation' left 70% mystified, one fifth of interviewees thought it meant a combination of apples and grapes were used in the wine.
Mexican President Vicente Fox appears to be mystified by the outcry over a Mexican postage stamp series featuring a sterotypically racist black comic book character called Memin Pinguin.
He propels his dancers through an edgy unison; then 20 minutes later, he delivers the coda of the 65-minute work with a solo derived from hip hop that leaves his audience as thrilled and mystified as when the house lights first went down.