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The next Music for the Mystified is on Wednesday, October 18, where the guest is John Wilson who will be chatting about the music of Swing.
I'm mystified by the fact that you can go into a room and yell into a silver phallus and appear on a black disc and, still be available to be heard 50 years later--and have the music be just as fresh as the day you made it.
Officials said yesterday they were mystified by the deaths which were quite unnecessary.
We are slightly mystified by this story as this is the first time this has happened.
If you're as mystified by the Middle-earth craze as I am--and even if you're already a big fan--check out the explanations and insights Patrick McCormick offers in this month's Culture in Context, "The Gospel according to Harry and Frodo" (pages 28-30).
It was not too long afterward that separating out the lesbian came along, and it was not men who did it Most of us were mystified as to why a gender-neutral word like gay was so offensive; it was "inclusive" of all of us.
Derry lads Declan McLaughlin, Frankie Kane and Kevin Fox were mystified as to how their hit song Comin' Thru (My Stereo) took number one in the US National Radio Airplay Chart.
I remained mystified by this ritual, until Taniguchi explained that he was selecting 'the correct shade of grey' for the grout.
By NIGEL ATKINS HOLIDAYMAKERS were mystified by a bright yellow object in the sky yesterday.
He said: "We're all completely mystified why a routine veterinary treatment, given for a little mucus on the lungs, should end up in the A-sample showing a trace.