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"Perhaps this incredible proposition of his is only intended to mystify us," growled an apoplectic old admiral.
For if they fail to do so, the newspaper is likely to succeed only in mystifying and, therefore, shortchanging every foreign reader who arrives in Kenya on any day and buys a copy of your newspaper.Indeed, the term 8-4-4 will mystify even those Kenyans who were born after the 8-4-4 educational system died a decade ago.
The excuse that there is no call for one will mystify the many thousands who travel to Manchester every year to enjoy a good night out.
The ground appeared to be riding faster towards the stands' rail and Darley eased his mount across from his 10 stall to take over from Alpenglow over a furlong out before scoring by two lengths from Mystify.
Of course, it is impossible to understand any of these categorizations of sexuality without realizing that our contemporary understanding of sexuality as ideally related to love and what we now call intimacy would mystify the medievals.