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But after the middle of the century opinion shifted so radically that now most scholars believe that the Gospel ended with its mystifying abruptness.
The rhetorical burden of the volume is to negotiate the complex, shifting terrain of wonder, at once explicating the unfamiliar grounds of early-modern experience while sustaining for the modern reader something of its mystifying strangeness.
Do your non-running friends wonder why anyone would want to run a marathon, or even more mystifying, an ultra-event?
An adjunct physics professor at San Diego State University and founder of the Society of Amateur Scientists, Carlson made the scientific process less mystifying in his "Science and Society" columns in the early 1990s in the Humanist and today continues that work in his "Amateur Scientists" column for Scientific American and in interviews for major publications and radio and television shows.
Done well, media relations need be no more mystifying than tenant relations or banker relations.
With a potentially cheating wife, a degrading and extremist boss, and the police deciding his mother to be the prime suspect for the mystery of a local woman's death, Superior Death deftly maneuvers the language and plot for a highly mystifying tale as Marshall delves deeper into the terrifying truths encumbering his small town.
A mystifying case of lead poisoning, which may have lasted more than a decade, ultimately resolved itself--but not before teaching two Swedish physicians how difficult it can be diagnose its cause.
Software engineers would actually get to meet the people who try, with no great success, to master the more arcane commands in their mystifying user interfaces.
I find the whole Beyonce thing really mystifying,"" Cowell told Esquire magazine.
Some segments of works proved more mystifying than engagingly mysterious: Such was the case in Persona, where a man on a swing at center stage and women at his sides (one battling with a box; the other with a stack of papers) evoked a three-ring circus, separated but similarly obsessive in their tasks.