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Neither did knowing that its two previous supernatural outings - Being Human and The Fades - had both mystifyingly bitten the silver bullet recently (the former going out on a dramatic high after six successful years, while the latter got exorcised from the airwaves after just one, albeit Baftawinning, run).
Uncertain at first about his new physical form and about the mystifyingly illuminated and motorized world over which he hovers, Jacob soon discovers himself to have been reincarnated as a fly on 21st-century Long Island.
The mystifyingly popular and now very un-PC Black and White Minstrel Show was also shown at Christmas in those days.
James's mystifyingly successful "Fifty Shades of Grey" is sharing the wealth this holiday season in the form of $5,000 Christmas bonuses for every employee in the company -- from editors to mailroom clerks.
Life insurance can be a relatively low cost solution for many American families, yet, mystifyingly, demand is declining.
EDINBURGH COACH: Michael Bradley CAPTAIN: Greig Laidlaw KEY MAN: Dave Denton YOUNG GUN: Lee Jones LAST SEASON: Eleventh VERDICT: Given their Heineken Cup semi-final berth last term, their Pro12 form was mystifyingly bad.
It looks like it will easily get us through the colder months without the need for our 16 radiators, several of which sit mystifyingly behind full-length curtains.
Prize leeks don't just grow on trees, y'know" he said, somewhat mystifyingly.
Even amoebae clump together in mystifyingly clever constellations.
And still the Government has a mystifyingly hostile approach to Jaguar Land Rover and the automotive sector.
While the 'sex sells' angle was also mystifyingly ruled out, inspiration was at hand when Phillip sagely noted "kids love pants jokes"--although the mortified look on the faces of the pint-sized guinea pigs corralled into appearing in the advert told a different story.
Stone mystifyingly declines to show the moment of Bush's sensational "recount" victory in 2000, though it's mentioned during a perfunctory dream sequence in which Bush Sr tauntingly sits in Dubya's Oval Office chair.