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Guided by volunteer film professionals serving as "mentors," Mythic Bridge participants gain collaborative, team-building experience, acquire job skills and positive work habits and become adept at personal and professional networking.
Reid examines Riel's religious background, the mythic significance that has been ascribed to him and how these elements tie into and influence Canada's search for a national identity.
This article introduces the basics of an African mythic science or Vodou methodology by first describing myth from an African cultural perspective and then discussing how myth is a living phenomenon by applying prominent archetypes in African myths to the African/African-American experience.
The Boes were at the Mythic Journeys conference through a series of serendipitous conversations and circumstances, but they weren't consciously on a spiritual path.
In addition to its environmental and health benefits, Mythic has been found in independent tests to be the most durable on the market--that means better stain resistance, excellent hiding characteristics, and outstanding coverage.
This mythic aspect can be seen in Hindemith's approach to harmony, which is built on the antagonism between tonalities a tritone apart.
Horses are here defined as mythic creatures, and RIDING INTO YOUR MYTHIC LIFE comes from a therapeutic riding instructor who has developed her theories in over twenty years of working with horses and children with special needs, developing horse camps for teens and adults alike.
Despite their mythic stature, Cahill makes them believably human.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation's reputation in the media has always been mythic, but in the law enforcement community it is not that great.
Marily Monroe (1926-1962) is perhaps America's most famous "sex goddess", a young woman whose life and death have taken on mythic qualities as having been a woman of beauty and sex appeal.
Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, conceived after his voyage to the Galapagos Islands, is a scientific achievement whose importance has reached mythic proportions.
Using impeccable tone and pacing to read the poem's distinctive meter and frequent repetition, he evokes a feeling of urgency and awe, conveying the inherent message that these are mythic people and epic events.