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There is a mythical story of a wonderful speaking-trumpet possessed by Alexander the Great, by which he could call a soldier who was ten miles distant; but there was probably no substitute for the human voice except flags and beacon-fires, or any faster method of travel than the gait of a horse or a camel across ungraded plains.
Then Teta Elzbieta recollected suddenly that Szedvilas had been the name of the mythical friend who had made his fortune in America.
I thought it safest to wake him up and make inquiries about a mythical purse left in a phantom hansom outside the Carlton.
As to date, poems about a historical Beowulf, a follower of Hygelac, could not have existed before his lifetime in the sixth century, but there is no telling how far back the possibly mythical elements may go.
Lucy felt contemptuous, for she was on the tack of caring for Greek sculpture, and had already borrowed a mythical dictionary from Mr.
Clipping and pruning and tacking the climbers on the porch, with my mouth full of nails, and Lloyd following me about and lending a hand now and again, we fell to discussing the mythical race of invisible people, that strange and vagrant people the traditions of which have come down to us.
Legazpi City's greatest mythical heroes are remembered in a weeklong festival in Albay province.
Synopsis: Leprechauns aren't the Irish mythical creatures!
Dubai In-form Godolphin handler Charlie Appleby looks to have uncovered another potential international trailblazer in the form of Mythical Magic, a compelling three-length winner of the Group 2 Zabeel Mile Sponsored by Al Tayer Motors, on week eight of the 2019 Dubai World Cup Carnival.
The other runners for Appleby are Mythical Magic and First Contact, while Emirati handler Saeed bin Suroor has Top Score.
It is believed that Pandu, a mythical king in the Mahabharata, belonged to this area and Hindus used to come to these pools for bathing during the month of Karteek and worship for two days under the trees.
Legendary and Mythical Guidebook: Deluxe Edition is a full-color book showcasing the most powerful and extraordinary creatures from the popular "Pokemon" video games and animated television show.